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Rolando Gapud : A measure of information system efficiency


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Author : Rolando Gapud and James Linn

This book is based, in part, upon A Decision Maker’s Evaluation of the Firm’s Information System, an unpublished Master’s thesis from the MIT Sloan School of Management (one of the world’s leading business schools) in 1964 by Rolando Gapud.

The information system of the firm can be considered a network. Each line of this network represents a channel of communication, and each node a decision center, an information center, or both. As a decision center, a node can be viewed as receiving information and issuing decisions.

The measure proposed in this book is based upon the assumption that the information system satisfies the decision maker with respect to a specific decision by furnishing him sufficient information to make that decision.

More information about the author : Rolando Gapud

Rolando Gapud has over 35 years of experience in finance, banking and management.

Mr. Gapud was the CEO of several Philippine companies like Security Bank and Trust Company. At the time he wrotes this book about information system efficiency, he was assistant to the consultant private development corporation of the Philippines

Rolando Gapud is actually Chairman of the Board of Del Monte Pacific Limited and Del Monte Foods Inc.


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